I think I might have figured out part of Bon Appetit’s cover formula. 

I’m going off of memory here, because I didn’t used to pay the incredible amount of attention I currently do to the covers… but it seems that BA runs a dessert once in the summer and again in December.  I specifically remember a mid-year ice cream cone cover in recent history, with a shot that captured the scoop mid-drip.  Last December, they ran a gorgeous chocolate dessert, but it was also a bit odd (and therefore memorable) in its inclusion of fresh long-stemmed raspberries in the dead of winter.  And the December 2006 cover I remember very well, because it was a chocolate peppermint tart that I took to Thomas and Meredith’s annual Christmas bash. 

So it seems that they give desserts a tip of the cap twice yearly: one being a fresh, cool summer-time treat, and the other being a decadent, lap-it-up, you-already-blew-it-at-Thanksgiving, Christmas-only-comes-once-a-year, usually-chocolate finale.

And the August cover confirms the summer part of my guess: Blackberry, Lemon, and Gingersnap Cheesecake Pudding.  It may look breezy, and you can certainly do the work ahead of time, but make no mistake: this is no casual, fly-by-night dessert.  After all, it’s blackberry… lemon… gingersnap… cheesecake… pudding.   There’s a good bit going on here.

And I love it.  Slightly overcomplicated (they let me off the hook with storebought gingersnaps), multi-component, do-ahead, casual dessert.  This could not be more “me” if it tried.  Bring it ON.