Woo hoo!  Another shot at a dessert.  We’re going from the all-American burger (which was even more American because regular fat wasn’t good enough… we had to amp up our fatty McFattness with special luxury cow fat.  How American is that?) to apple pie.  It’s enough to make me want to pop in a Lee Greenwood album.

But seriously, with the anniversary of 9/11 just having passed, along with the anniversaries of three hurricanes that changed the Gulf Coast (Katrina, Rita, and Ike), I am feeling a little wispy about the good old U. S. of A.  So bring on an Italian version of apple pie!  Err, I mean apple torte with breadcrumb-hazelnut crust!

Although I certainly know who Lidia Bastianich is from her cookbooks and her show on PBS, I’ve never actually made any of her recipes, so I’m looking especially forward to this one.  And it appears that this month’s issue has a whole feature on Lidia and the flavors of Fruili, her childhood home in northeastern Italy, which might be pretty interesting.

As far as the recipe goes, there’s nothing incredibly exotic going on ingredient-wise, but the crust will certainly be unique.  Ground hazelnuts and breadcrumbs are used in place of flour, and milk instead of water.  Sounds sticky and rustic to me… this one might require a second, or even third, take before I have something to put on the table.  We shall see!